About us

Ultimate Apparel is the best place on the web to find custom apparel, accessories, and so much more.

Our Story

Ultimate Apparel is a passionate team of folks who truly care about your experience at their shop. They opened their e-commerce store in 2017, and look forward to many more years serving retail customers just like you.

As a Veteran owned business based in Utah, USA, they take pride in developing high-quality products and are driven by key values including:

  • Integrity (they do what they say)
  • Honesty (no hidden fees or sales pitches here)
  • Transparent (they take full responsibility for every order they process)

Ultimately, though, they live by their own motto. That motto is to “let your personality show.” When you buy their custom apparel, they want you to feel like it truly represents who you are and what you’re all about.

You can count on Ultimate Apparel to always have products that are a mirror reflection of who you are and what you love.

The Ultimate Selection of Custom Apparel

Ultimate Apparel doesn’t settle for less. Most items in their selection is printed by their team or by their close fulfillment partners when necessary. Some T-Shirts or Coats are vendor provided and are tagged as such which means they ship from their factories (which could include China).

They don’t just sell t-shirts they like, instead, they think of you first and what you might want to wear. They do Direct to Garment printing allowing them to offer full-color prints at a more affordable price for you. All designs are sourced in-house via individual artists who are paid outright for their work or with royalties.

As soon as you put on one of their t-shirts or hold one of their custom-made mugs, you’ll quietly say to yourself, “this is me.”

Why Shop at Ultimate Apparel?

Custom apparel isn’t hard to find. But what is hard to find are items that fit your personality. You’re one-of-a-kind, shouldn’t the clothing you wear be too? Ultimate Apparel thinks it should be.

It’s time to stop accepting mass-produced clothing just because everyone else does. It’s time to start embracing who you really are. It’s time to feel good about the clothing you’re in because you deserve to.

If you want high quality, custom printed t-shirts and more that reflect your personality, then shop at Ultimate Apparel.